How to provide an erotic massage: Top 12 spots on his body to touch to drive him crazy

Learning how to provide an erotic massage will surely add some excitement into your sex life and turn foreplay into something that your partner will fall in love with. If you want to grant him the best experience in the sheets, it‘s really good to focus on these 12 spots on his body and lead him to ecstasy stimulating them.

How to provide an erotic massage to a man and where to touch him

  1. Back: Start like usually; touching the back of his neck and his back. Take his shirt off, bring over some body lotion and smear it softly. You can talk to him about his day and try to make him relax as much as possible.
  1. Chest: Once you‘re done with his back, move slowly towards his chest and play around with it. Drive your fingers through his hairs, spread the oil on him and prove him that you do like his chest and desire him. Pay attention to the visuals as well and paint your nails bright red – men absolutely love it!
  1. Head: Include his head and hair into the whole process. Let him lay downon your lap and massage his temples, caress his hair and kiss him on his lips. To intensify the erotic mood of the moment, try blindfolding him – his sense of touch will amplify. You can also take off your shirt and bra and use your breasts.
  1. Ears: Even ears shouldn‘t be forgotten. They are very sensitive. Make use of anything that comes into your mind; fondle his earlobes with your fingertips and don‘t forget to utilize your lips and even teeth.
  2. Nipples: Despite the strong belief of many, it is untrue that male nipples are not sensitive. Although not all men are aroused by their caressing, there are some whose nipples are rather sensitive and desired to be played with. Find out what works for your guy.
  1. Lower abdomen and belly button: When touching his nipples, slowly move towards his belly button and lower abdomen. Hug him from behind, stroke his stomach and caress his neck while doing so.
  1. Sacrum: The sacrum is the spot at the end of the spine. It is an erogenous zone because the nerves placed here lead right down into male genitals. This spot should therefore also receive a certain amount of attention as well.
  1. Butthole: Don‘t be afraid to experiment with spots that are usually a taboo for most men, even though men absolutely love frolicking around with them. An example may be the butthole. Its massage is the peak of sexual plays for some men.
  1. Prostate: Similarly to the point mentioned above, the prostate tends to be a taboo in sex. Its stimulation may although receive a surprisingly positive reaction on his part. Massage therapy of prostate is also known for its positive health impacts.
  1. Perineum: The perineum is a spot in between testicles and anus and it is often an erogenous zone. Spread his legs and use a circular motion to focus on this body part. It will work wonders for him.
  1. Testicles: Yes, even the testicles themselves deserve some time with your fingers, palms, and mouth. Feel free to pull him by them but be very careful! If you pull too much or grip too strong you could ruin the whole joy of the foreplay.
  1. Penis: The final and main attraction is, of course, penis. Differentiate the intensity of massaging as well as the technique and speed and don‘t forget to use your tongue!

Following these tips will surely not disappoint you. Make enough time for the whole process and remind yourself some information if you need to and become an expert in the field of male body and pleasure. Your partner will fall in love with you again!

Does your man love when you touch these spots? Let us know about his desires in the comment section!