What is an escort agency

Paying for companionship is legal almost everywhere.  There are many escort services available around the world anywhere and everywhere. In many parts of the world, it is legal too. Many countries have escort agencies. Escort agency is a co9mpany that provides escorts for clients and they charge money for it. Escorts are usually hired for sexual services. People often use the word prostitution and escort services interchangeably.  But they are totally different. The columbus escorts agencies work in private locations and are legal most of the time. they charge higher prices than other forms of sexual services.

 What is the difference between the Escort and the prostitute

  • An escort can provide the companionship and the time to the client. It is not necessary for that sex to be involved in escorts. It is more like finding a companion as an escort can live with you, can go out for lunch dinner or holidays with the client. The main purpose of the escort is to accompany the client. Whereas a prostitute provides sex for money. The main purpose of prostitution is to fulfill the sexual need of the client.
  • Escorts can be hired only through the agencies. They are legal and professional. One needs to hire them and book them in advance on what price they demand. Whereas a prostitute can be hired from the street. One can easily bargain with the prostitutes but not with the escorts. Prostitution is charged per hour.
  • Escort services are legal but prostitution is illegal around the world. Prostitution is illegal because sex workers are being exploited. It is somehow promoting the exploitation of human and human trafficking. If anyone is caught providing sex for money they both the consumer cand provider can be sent to jail or will be penalized.
  • Escorts are professional. They are well trained and educated. They are aware of their rights and also about health-related issues. They can easily adjust to the luxurious lifestyle as they are trained for high-class etiquettes. On the other hand, prostitutes don’t go through any kind of sex education or training. They are not well aware of their rights so they easily get exploited.

The columbus escorts are often highly professional and earn a very huge amount of money. They are legal services and are now considered as part of the entertainment industry. So it’s becoming acceptable in many parts of the world.