The Little Things Making You A Classy Plunter

Few things create a huge difference between a regular John and also a classy gentleman. But the classy plunter are some things elevating you from normal client to the valued guy. But where are you bothering to please your escort? There might be some reason for it. With בי אסקורטס, the more playmate nature you show, the more you will be getting the enthusiasm to go after them. This way, you will be able to make more time for them in the future. Some of the ways of making you a classy plunter:

  1. Putting cash in an envelope

This is the classic way of giving the fee to escorts where the gentleman gives the escort the envelope as soon as he gets out of the room. When you ask about the payment in the middle time, then it disrupts the mood at times while with the envelope you can hand a big sum of money. It’s best to leave the cash on your bedside table for the escort to collect it easily.

  1. Preparing some drinks

Why not start the night with some champagne? This is one of the coolest ways of starting the night! Restrict yourself to just 1 glass for breaking the ice and make sure that you open the bottle in front of her only. ביאסקורטס love it when they are pampered and treated well. Ask them what they prefer drinking and then go ahead with the booking.

בי אסקורטס

  1. Just be active and participate well

One of the nice things about playing with sex is that you are not only doing what you are asking for but also some guys may take it a little further off on the beds. But you have to join in to get the best of experiences. Try out all the exciting and different positions, for fun and thrill. You can give in honest opinions about what you felt when you were completely involved.

  1. Respecting of boundaries

Escorts are professional and they should be treated like that only. They work only for creating a setting to experience intimacy and sex. But they are also to be handled with professional accuracy. Please avoid questions like, whether you are married or not!


Notice all the small stuff and only then you can move ahead with these escorts. They are here solely for business purposes and you should treat them like that only.