Prague happy ending rubdown – interested in getting one? If so, would you prefer an incall or an outcall? We’ll take you through pros and cons of each

Are you in the city of Prague? Happy ending might not be the first thing to cross your mind while you’re surrounded by the marvels of this city with so much stuff to do, but you should never put this option off the table! Know that there are countless erotic massage parlours in the city where your desire for bodily relaxation and light erotic stimulation won’t go unfulfilled. If you choose to visit one, you have an incall and outcall option before you. We’ll analyse both of these in this article.

Prague happy ending massage as an incall and outcall

What we mean by incall massages are those rubdowns which take place inside the parlour itself. This may have great advantages, but for some people who are short on time or have other reasons to refrain from visiting, it may be off the table. Outcall massages are those where the masseuse goes to visit you straight at your home, hotel room or any other place (within the Prague limits).

  •   Convenience
  •   Masseuse availability
  •   Price


  •   Depending on the location of the parlour, it might be highly convenient for you to make an incall visit – or highly inconvenient, if the parlour is too far away from your place. But where the incall option really shines is the inimitable atmosphere of the parlour. The decorations, scent of aromatic candles, sumptuous furnishing and comfortable massaging beds are something your own room or a simple hotel room won’t be able to match. Another great thing is the fact that you can actually get to meet your masseuse at first, see if you like her and if there’s more of them present, pick the one that suits you the most of all.
  •   Outcall will probably trump incall in terms of convenience simply because it spares you the journey. All you have to do is pick a phone or write an email and the masseuse will come knocking at your door. You can enjoy your massage in the comfort of your own home.

The availability of your therapist

  •   If the parlour does not run 24/7, then tough luck if you have an itch to get an erotic massage outside the opening hours as incall. Besides, your masseuse may not be available even during the opening hours at a moment’s notice and you may have no other choice than to postpone it. But the upside is that there will be other masseuses present, so if you don’t really insist on being treated by a particular one, there will be replacement available almost always.
  •   Outcall does not tend to be limited by the opening hours – if both sides agree, you could get your massage at 4AM for that matter. But you don’t have an option to switch masseuses if your current one does not suit you – well, you have, but you’ll have to pay the original one anyway.

Incall can be significantly cheaper…

  •   Though, again, this is highly dependent on your current location. Theoretically, you’re paying just the basic massage price (+ tips, but that is up to you). But you should also factor in the cost of your own transportation and time, which a lot of people tend to neglect. You can look at Prague transportation possibilities here . Depending on those, the difference between incall and outcall may not be that high after all.
  •   With outcall, you’re paying not only for the massage, but also for the cost of taxi your masseuse had to take there. And taxis in Prague don’t always come cheap…

Hopefully we’ve managed to sum up the pros and cons of both option in terms of price, availability and convenience. Are you ready to make your choice?

Would you rather choose an incall or an outcall? And for which reasons? Do you decide based on price, convenience, availability or an altogether different criteria? Let us know in the comments!